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Sensory Installations


Night Forest

  • It's like stepping into a magical forest

  • I sat in the room for a while, it brought me focus

  • I've stepped into a different world, everyone should have a room like this in their home

  • Amazing, spectacular, it was a treat for the entire family

  • Butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds, all part of something spiritual

Whispers in the Dark

  • How lovely to sit in the dark and watch the glowing lips...thank you.

  • Lovely experience, relaxed atmosphere, would love to see more.

  • ​Brilliant idea of whispering in the dark, thank you very much.

Room of a Thousand Butterflies

  • Lovely to celebrate my granddaughter in a butterfly, she flew off too soon.  A delight to my eyes in the light and even more so in the dark, a warm room, great company and feast for my senses.  Thank you.....  Mary-Ann

  • ​What a lovely idea!  I have found the whole set-up enchanting and healthy for me at a very difficult time.  Thank you very much.....Ame

  • The Butterfly is symbol of the feminine.  Great!! ....Lucia

  • Lovely exhibition, very warm, welcome and beautiful, calming enlightened room.....Sonia

Wishing Bowl

  • It was like stepping into my own serene world of wishes   

  • When I stepped in the room,  I got goose bumps, the impact of the light and the glowing wishing bowl is very emotional for me, I felt like a little girl again 

  • I found a shiny penny this morning and now I have a wishing bowl to make my wish  

  • It's like heaven and all my wishes will be granted  

  • My kids absolutely love this room, a little bit of magic for our weekend  

  • We couldn't afford a holiday, so we decided on gallery hopping, this wishing room is a great find, we wish it was here all year round 

  • A dark, lusty surprise. I wanted to kiss them all back, but thought it would be impolite,  thank you

Tree of Life

  • It reminds me of the tree in Avatar and then the bodies connected to the tree made sense of our connection with heavenly nature 

  • I can sit under the tree all day 

  • I would like to use the images for my book

  • The tree of life connected to human beings, very profound meaning

  • It brought me peace and I'm glad I visited, I really needed this

  • The light and silence is emotional, my senses connect

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