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Celebrate Being Human

Renée's art practice is deeply rooted in her personal life.  She creates art to reflect her cultural, spiritual and human journey.  She seeks to tell stories that are relatable to the human condition and shared experience.


Renee believes in the healing power of art, oneness of the human spirit and the universal golden thread of energy that connects us all.


A Bit About Renee's Creative Process


Renee's has a form of synaesthesia where she can translate sound and music into colours and patterns.  Each painting is created with a specific piece of music.  It's difficult to duplicate them as each piece is a creative journey in itself. The frequency of notes tells the story of the music and colours.


Creating these pieces is a revelation of her patience :) Each piece takes between 3-4 months. It’s methodically and very meditative.  

It allows her to experience a different creative process, with materials to touch and handle each piece individually.  

Spending so much time with one piece also generates more creative ideas with various medium/materials.  The creative adventure continues……


Sensory Installation

Renee's says, The process of creating sensory installation is like going on a sensory excursion in her head.  

It takes a year or more to create, each piece done separately and then assembled within the space to physically manifest.

She hope that visitors can connect with their sense whilst in the installation space.  


About Wireless Frequency: Being Human in a Digital Era. 

Wireless frequency is unseen, constantly buzzing which is equally powerful, it can affect the brainwaves causing ill health."


Wireless frequency from electronic devices caused a major shift in her health in 2015.

She remembers being crippled with headaches, and her senses on overload.  The constant buzz of electronic devices, unhealthy sound waves seeping into her senses.  It caused an imbalance.  Her natural rhythm became a zig zag, loosing focus, nervous energy and the need to isolate herself.  This brought about a change and her relationship with electronic devices. 


This prompted Renee to create her first sculptural piece “nerve endings” with 17000 pins expressing how her nerve felt when being surrounded by constant wireless frequency. 

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