Celebrate Being Human

My work is inspired by sound frequency.  My sensitivity to sound led me to research and understand my synesthesia, this human condition and the function of the brain.


Noise frequency is very powerful, it heals and it hurts.  Music is healing, the tones, notes and frequencies can lift your soul, you inner-self into a higher plain.  It can elevate your spirit, mind and brainwaves to create magic and make you feel the heartbeat of the universe and energy within.


Then there is wireless frequency, unseen buzzing frequency which is equally powerful, it can affect the brainwaves causing ill health.


Managing sound frequency to bring a balance in my life is my constant .  Some days I’m floating with the stars as the frequency of nature blends with my inner sound of harmony and richness of spirit, then they were days when I just want to move and live in the mountains without any electronic devices or electricity. 


Wireless frequency from electronic devices caused a major shift in my health in 2015. I remember being crippled with headaches, my senses on overload,  my natural rhythm became a zig zag, loosing focus, nervous energy and the need to isolate myself.   I wasn’t on social media or a fan of being attached to my mobile phone, yet I was suffering from being in an environment with the constant buzz of electronic devices, unhealthy sound seeping into my senses.  It was causing an imbalance.  It brought about a change and my relationship with electronic devices. 


This prompted me to create my first sculptural piece “nerve endings” with 17000 pins expressing how my nerve feels when being surrounded by wireless frequency. 

A Bit About My Creative Process


Creating these pieces is a revelation of my patience :) Each piece takes between 3-4 months.  It’s methodically and very meditative.  

It allows me to experience a different creative process, with materials to touch and handle each piece individually.  

Spending so much time with one piece also generates more creative ideas with various medium/materials.  The creative adventure continues……



My paintings are created with specific pieces of music.  I am unable to duplicate them.  Most of my paintings despite the notes and tones tend to end up in all shape and size of spiral swirls.:) 


Sensory Installation

The process of creating sensory installation is like going on a sensory excursion in my head.  

It takes a year or more to create, each piece done separately and then assembled within the space to physically manifest.

I want to share the feeling of being connected to my senses.  (Well, I always hope visitors can relate to the installation as I do)