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Sculptures - How it all started...2015


“Nerve Endings”  was the first piece created, a symbol of my nervous system when exposed to the constant buzz of wireless frequency.  This idea was developed through a carefully crafted sculpture which  includes 17000 pins

It was the start of my exploration and expression of "Being Human and the Human Condition in a Digital Era."

Renee Rilexie - Nerve Endings.jpg
Hive Mind

Hive Mind

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Being Human in a Digital Era

In this body of sculptural work, Renee Rilexie uses the human head – so often the focus of social media selfies and profile pictures – to interrogate the human condition in a digital era.

Each head is assembled to respond to a different ‘symptom’ of our relationship with technology, constructing an exhibition that aims to encourage us to consider how rapidly advancing digital technologies are affecting our relationships with each other and ultimately ourselves.

In this day and age it would be more convenient to digitally render and 3D print these pieces but Rilexie’s process of manually, delicately, unhurriedly handling and inserting to date close to 250,000 pins, thousands of SIM cards, keys, locks and cogs into the scalps and faces of these automatons favours physical and temporal experience over convenience, and the resulting work rewards eye-contact over snap-shot. It’s slow work in the face of the scramble for super-fast connection speeds. The artist’s aim however is not to preach, but to invite a pause for thought in a richly sensual space.

The deliberate positioning and patterning of hardware on these heads opens up themes to reflection; our increasing obsession with online identity, security and password protection, information overload, the multiplication and perhaps dilution of our being. Is the contemporary human more connected or more fragmented? As we experience more moments, memories and meetings through the partition of an electronic screen.

These highly tactile sculptures, crafted with a patient dexterity prompt us to reflect on how we interact with and value the tangible over the digital, the actual over the virtual and meditation over instantaneity.

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