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Collage in Silence  -

Many of us are scared of silence, fearing the loneliness and disconnection it can sometimes hold, but silence can be a nourishing, creative experience that reconnects us to our creativity and our true selves.

Collage in Silence is a film by Renee Rilexie, who brought together a group of 5 individuals  over 3 days to discover what it's like to work closely together on a single canvas in silence. The results were surprising and exciting.
Come and see the results, hear the interviews on film and maybe even taste a little silence yourself.  There will be an introduction to the film screening which will be followed by an open question and answer session.  Join us and see what silence might mean to you.


Laura Bello, Judith Bieletto, Catherine Field,Ralph Overill and Justyna Szpygiel

Filmed and edited by: Simon Bevis

A film by:  Renee Rilexie

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