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Registered Charity No. 110621

Collaborative art organisation, The Artists' Pool, are hosting an art auction to raise money for CALM on March 27th in London.  Auction organiser and artist, Renee Rilexie, told us a bit about why they chose to support CALM and what is going under the hammer…

The paintings were done on one ten meter strip of canvas, each artist painting together with the questions so often asked by impressionist painter Paul Gaugin in mind…..Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going?
Each painting is an interpretation of these questions.

Guests will also be treated to a live performance from UK hip hop artist Morrison Ford, featuring notorious musician and producer, Wagga Man with visuals from Shift Key Films.

CALM Art Auction
Iklectik Art Lab
20 Carlisle Lane
Waterloo SE1 7LG

Follow Artist’s Pool on Twitter: @artists_pool

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