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About "Euphoria"  by Beatriz Acevedo

For this exhibition,  Renee Rilexie beckons  you into her world of synaesthesia. The title of her latest work "Euphoria" introduces to music, sound frequency, colours and pattern, but most importantly, Renee's work is about wellbeing, transcendence and healing. 

One of the most interesting aspects of Renee’s oeuvre is her experience of synaesthesia, a combination of sensations, sometimes described as hearing colours or seeing melodies.   She's spent many years  studying her own synthetic reaction to different stimuli and the benefits of music and sound. 

Her colourful paintings are immersed in a sonic background of solfeggio frequency and drumming, evoking the heartbeat, the brain waves.   

Renee says:  

“The solfeggio frequency, sound and drumming are all very healing.  The harmony of tones creates a vibrational shift within the body, to align and to heal.   For me, there is nothing greater than being connected to sound frequency, a profound way to communicate with something greater than ourselves, to feel and experience the connection to the cosmos.   It's like waking up in a different dimension where the spirit is flying free and there is no hurried thoughts or measure of time.  

The work presented in Euphoria merges the sensual with transcendence.  It is a work that invites the flight of both imagination, senses and the heart

“For me, music and sound are both the language and underlying architecture of the cosmos.”  

by Tom Kenyon

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