An immersive art exhibition for visitors can engage with music, sound and colours.

Renee's work is inspired by music and sound.  Her sensitivity to sound led her to research and understand her form of synesthesia and the function of the brain.

She says, "Music and sound is my health practitioner.  My life has been greatly affected by sound.  It took me many years to understand my brain, body, and spirit connection with sound.   Drumming and sound frequency is part of my daily life in one form or the other.   This practice opens up an awareness to better understand my inner dialogue and experience the process of surrender, acceptance and embrace, and allowing me to experience the expansion of something beyond myself that is harmonious and free. 

“For me, music and sound are both the language and underlying architecture of the cosmos.”   by Tom Kenyon

Shamanic drumming, which is a fast paced, 4–7 beats per second rhythm, has the ability to profoundly alter brain states. Ancient shamans knew this, and now a plethora of science backs it up.

The two hemispheres of the human brain often operate at different levels and at different rates. The steady beat of shamanic drumming is a powerful tool for brain health because by the very nature of it’s constant rhythm, it permeates the entire brain, bringing both hemispheres into rhythmic balance. This is profound, because that balance is exceedingly hard to come by in modern day life, and brings with it deep healing.

In his book, Shamanism: The Neural Ecology of Consciousness and Healing, Michael Winkelman explains how “drumming synchronizes the frontal and lower areas of the brain, integrating nonverbal information from lower brain structures into the frontal cortex, producing feelings of insight, understanding, integration, certainty, conviction, and truth, which surpass ordinary understandings and tend to persist long after the experience”.     Link

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